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  • SSO Kawasaki H2 Dry Clutch (Ducati)

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    Any rider of a successfully tuned Kawasaki 750 H2 knows the problem about the weakness of the standard clutch. It is basically unable to cope with the additional power. Especially the results during the testing of our cylinder heads for the H2 showed this problem pretty obvious.
    That was the reason for us to develop a conversion kit for the H2 to fit a Ducati dry clutch. Clutch slippage is with this kit no issue anymore.
    The conversion kit contains as main element a new billet side cover for the engine to replace the original one. In addition to that there are the required adaptor parts, bearings, seals and screws included. The Ducati clutch parts are included in the kits , with the exception of the BASIC-KIT.
    For the assembly of the kit it is just necessary to free the big primary gear of the original clutch basket and  the rubber parts. That is easy to do by grinding away the rivets at the backside. It is not necessary to do any other modifications. No need for an other gearbox shaft or smaller primary gears.
    Alter the conversion to the dry clutch it is no longer possible to use the cover for the oil pump.
    Just to have it mentioned: the dry clutch sounds like a Ducati with an according clutch type.
      We are offering the kit in our shop in three versions:
        BASIC: Just the parts that you need to get the Ducati clutch on the bike. The Ducati clutch parts are not included and have to be purchased separately.
        COMPLETE: Like BASIC, but including the required Ducati parts, 48 teeth aluminium basket , organic plates, stainless steel springs. Every part required for the conversion is included in this kit.
        HIGH END: Like COMPLETE, but with an 48 teeth aluminium basket and sintered plates. Every part required for the conversion is included in this kit.
    The parts produced by us have no surface treatment. For an additional charge you can have a blasted or even anodised surface. The last one is available in different colour.
    A cover for the clutch is available as an option, too.
    As an additional option, a cover for the oil pump is available, too. 
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