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  • Mini 3 Button Handlbar Switch 7/8in: Messner Moto

    Superior design and quality!
    Please order 2 pieces for left and right. And please state color you want! If you want only one please choose the side(left or right).
    Designed and CNC machined by MessnerMoto. Smooth and elegant design. Extremely complex for CNC machining!
    High quality finish! Surface finish up to the level of surface finish on Apple products!
    Available in anodized BLACK!
    Available in anodized SILVER!
    They come with three IP65 miniature 12mm(M8) buttons.
    45mm outer diameter
    For 22mm handlebars
    Strong high-quality cable(6×0.22m2) is included. Black Wires are soldered to buttons
    You can choose between routing the cable inside handlebars or cable can exit switches on the side
    If cable exits the switches on the side, cable is supported with laser 3D printed piece of plastic on exit from control. This will prevent wire fatigue breakage
      Left / Right
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