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  • Jadus Finned Valve Inspection Covers

    Jadus Finned Valve Inspection Covers

    This valve inspection cover set is CNC machined from 6063 grade aluminium - for superior heat dissipation and good mechanical properties.  The fins increase cooling surface area by over 40% from stock.  The fins have spacing and thickness dimensions that are derived from heat radiation principles and also match the fins on the head of the models they are designed for.  These are direct bolt on replacements for the stock covers and aid in both oil temperature cooling and head cooling/heat dissipation. There are two different cover sets that fit the following Yamaha models:  Set One:  SR250   YFM350   YFM400     Set Two:  SR125   TW200   XT125   XT200   XT225


    *Initial tests showed a consistent 2-3 degree decrease in engine head and oil temperatures

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